The Ultimate in Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning!

Tile Cleaning Memphis, TN

We are the ultimate in tile cleaning and grout cleaning, tile and grout sealing and tile and grout coloring. Our highly efficient, patented technology will blow your dirt away from your grout and be vacuumed out of your house all at once. It is basically in-house pressure washing at it’s finest.

Our team can seal and color any surface for you-floors, walls and counter tops, if you have remodeled or just want the grout to match your decor.

Amazing Transformations by our Team!


Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

  • Pre-Inspection: Technicians will make note of all challenging areas and set your expectations as well as come up with a solution for each area.
  • Area Preparation: We will prepare the areas surrounding the tile, making sure not to disturb any carpeted or hardwood floors. At this point all furniture that will be cleaned under is moved.
  • Dry soil removal: Our technicians thoroughly sweep and vacuum the entire area, maximizing the results we obtain. As in any cleaning process, dry soil removal is the most important.
  • Soil Suspension: We use the highest quality products. The cleaning agent sprayed over the entire surface of your tile is the most scientifically advanced tile cleaner on the market.
  • Cleaning: Complex and difficult areas are agitated manually with a brush and for really challenging heavy use areas, a mechanical rotating brush is employed. The entire floor is then cleaned using a state of the art self-contained pressure cleaning system known as the Hydro Turbo floor cleaning tool.
  • Rinsing: A rinse solution is used to balance the pH of your floor.
  • Sealing/Finishing: The type of sealer and application varies on what surface it is being applied to.
  • Post-inspection: Technicians will initiate a walk through and go over results before leaving.


General cleaners not specifically formulated for natural stone or tile are never recommended. These can breakdown the sealer, thereby removing its protective properties and making the stone and tile grout susceptible to stains. Worse yet, many cleaning products, including those that contain lemon, vinegar, bleach or ammonia can etch away the polish, discolor the surface, or even scratch your stone. Many cleaners have what is called a chelating agent in them. This agent breaks down and dissolves minerals in hard water. Since all stone is made up of minerals, these types of cleaners will dissolve and cause streaks over prolonged use. PSH Cleaning offers the complete line of Aldon Chemical Professional™ Products.